French Radishes for Breakfast?

If you have ever been to a Farmers Market or traveled to France, you might have come across these long French radishes. They are sweet, juicy, crunchy, and spicier than the red round ones you typically find in the supermarkets in the US. Locally, they are often referred to as “French Breakfast Radish.” Though I don’t usually have them for breakfast, I love to enjoy them as an appetizer with my baguette.

Every summer, I grow these oblong French radishes in my backyard. They serve as sweet reminders of my childhood memories at my grandparents’ farmhouse, which was like a wonderland for me. Spending time with my grandparents was an absolute delight, and my grand-mère Madeleine had an enchanting garden filled with wonderful veggies and flowers. She would generously let me pick her vegetables when they were ripe.

She even assigned me a little square piece of “land” in her garden space, where she taught me how to plant radish seeds and watch the little seedlings grow. The joy of harvesting my own radishes still fills my heart, and every time I eat them today, I think of her and cherish those special moments.

These radishes are from my own garden – just take a look at how beautiful they are! I can’t help but feel that my grand-mère would have been so proud of me and my gardening skills.

Indeed, while it’s true that the French often pair various foods with baguette, these radishes are best enjoyed with a good quality unsalted butter and fleur de sel. This combination creates a delightful and healthy appetizer, especially during the summertime.

To prepare them, be sure to wash the radishes thoroughly, and when trimming, avoid chopping off the green tops entirely. The tops are filled with wonderful flavors and nutrients, making it worthwhile to leave them attached a bit for added taste and nutritional value.

Look at the generous amount of butter spread on this slice of baguette! Being from Normandy, my love for butter is undeniable. If you can find European-style, high-fat, and fermented butter, it would be a real treat, but honestly, I enjoy any locally-produced butter as long as it is fresh. In my house, butter never goes stale because I go through it so quickly anyway.

Remember to opt for unsalted butter and add a sprinkle of fleur de sel on top. Take a bite and savor the delightful combination of sweet and creamy butter, paired with the refreshing crunchiness and juiciness of radish, all enhanced by the umami-boosted saltiness of fleur de sel!

I am thoroughly enjoying my baguette with radishes, and to complement this delightful treat, I’ve paired it with a glass of Rosé from Provence. While I didn’t personally bake this baguette, I must say my bread-baking team has done an excellent job as always, ensuring its perfection.

I am truly grateful for the bread I have today – it’s a genuine luxury to be able to relish the simple pleasures in life like this. I hope you can relate and appreciate the joy of savoring such simple yet exquisite experiences. Cheers to the little pleasures that make life so enjoyable!


08 / 14 / 2023

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