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Step inside our cozy, rustic boulangerie, and you instantly feel a connection with the old-world charms of France. From rows of wicker baskets holding our freshly baked bread to the glass-encased display of hand-crafted pastries, St. Honoré Bakery’s ambiance and design have mixed traditions of France with the Northwest vibe. “We create an experience for customers, as well as our workers” says Dominique. “Everything is out in the open, so people can talk with our bakers while they roll out bread.” The boulangerie uses available natural light with floor to ceiling windows.

The flagstone floor and thick wooden tables evoke images of the French countryside, and the smell of freshly baked bread fills every nook with this neighborhood bakery. Choose an intimate table for two or congregate at the long, wooden community table where you may hear whispering of French from your fellow diners.

The Master Baker:
Dominique Geulin

Dominique’s passion for baking took root in the coastal Normandy town of Etretat. As a young boy, living above the family bakery, he learned the secrets to traditional baking from his father. While studying baking in French National Bread Baking and Pastry Institute, he was invited to join Le Panier, a French bakery in the US to help open the bakery in Portland, OR. After graduating from the American Institute of Baking in 1990, he entered France’s most prestigious competition, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France.” It honors the country’s best craftspeople and promotes France’s tradition of knowledge and artistry. After going through a strenuous competition, he received the status of MOF in the boulangerie category from late French President François Mitterand. In 2003, Dominique returned to the US and opened St. Honoré Boulangerie in Portland. In May 2016, he was awarded the medal of Chevalier dans l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole (status of Knight in the order of agricultural merit) by the French National Ministry of Agriculture. He currently serves as the Honorary Consul of France to provide support to French citizens in the state of Oregon.

Saint Honoré:
Our Patron Saint of Bakers

St. Honoré Boulangerie is named for the patron saint of bakers, Saint Honoré. As tradition goes, a young man named Honoré became the Bishop of Amiens in 554. During his service a number of miraculous events occurred, which spared farmers, millers, and bakers from natural disasters. Residents of France connected the miracles with Bishop Honoré and in 1204 a Parisian baker built a chapel to commemorate him. Today, the chapel is no longer standing, but the name, Saint Honoré, is etched in a gate leading to Faubourg and Rue Saint Honoré in the heart of Paris.

Make sure you look for our own statue of Saint Honoré perched next to our claybrick bread oven.

Our Services

Casual and warm, we like to call our customers by their first name. We are passionate and enthusiastic in offering an inviting gourmet experience and providing a memorable time that will uplift a moment of your daily life.

Our Stores

Stepping inside our cozy and rustic boulangerie on Thurman Street or elegant and chic boulangerie in Lake Oswego, you will instantly feel a connection with the old-world of France. Come to break away from your daily worries. We are the perfect place to meet with family, friends, or the person sitting next to you.

Our Oven

Our clay firebrick bread oven is a return to traditional French baking. The bricks are made from the remarkable kaolin earth of the town of Larnage, located in the foothills of the Rhone Valley and surrounded by the famous vineyards of Tain-l’Hermitage. The quarries in the area have been in use since the time of the Roman Empire. The refractory properties of the clay have a natural moisture retention which transfers the heat evenly, creating bread with great taste, flavor, and texture.

Our Team

At St Honoré Boulangerie, everyone has a role to serve one another and ultimately our top priority is to serve our customers with quality products. We are serious about delivering passionate service without compromising our values at any time.

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