How to Reheat your Pastries

Do you want to know how to reheat your pastries like a pro?

Follow this instruction to make them right-out-of-the-oven fresh & crisp for your next brunch at home.
A major bonus: Your kitchen will smell like a French bakery!


Use a real oven for even heating. Preheat at 350F.


Place pastries on a cookie sheet and reheat.

See reheating time below

When the reheating time is up, pull out and let them sit to finish crisping. Enjoy!

Reheating Time

Reheat in Oven at 350 F° Let it rest to crisp up
Sweet Croissants Almond Croissant
Pain au Chocolat
Butter Croissant
4 to 6 minutes 2 minutes
Savory Baked Products Quiche
Croque Monsieur
8 to 10 minutes 2 minutes
Croustade 6 to 8 minutes 6 to 8 minutes

*Reheating time may very depending on your oven.
Always test your pastries before biting into them!

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